How to overcome food cravings

1. Changing Gradually

Hurdle the barriers in small steps. If you can stop eating chocolate for one day, you can do it for two days. Keep a tally and record how long you have been without the food you wish to stop eating, and ensure you increase how long you are without each time. (ex. if you go 4 days without chocolate, make sure you go 5 days the next time). In this way, all you need to do is start on something as small as half a day, and that's easy enough, right?

2. Removing Temptation

Take yourself away from the food. If you are living alone this is easiest. Just don't buy it! Don't carry spare cash for snacking when out, and don't even look at the section in the supermarket. This makes it so much easier. If you live with other people, just don't be around them when they start to eat tempting food. Easy!       

Put it away. When you crave something that is out on the counter or near by, just put in away in the cabinet where you cannot see it.   

3. Think

Think about all of the negatives involved. If you're trying to kick a habit, then there must be a reason. Use that reason to keep inspiring you to not give in.

4. Be Aware of the Benefits.

Do you feel better? Do you feel more energized? Are you losing weight? These good things will work as incentives to keep it up.

5. Do not shop when you're hungry.

You're more likely to add tempting unhealthy foods to the basket when you're hungry.

6. Eat alternatives.

You can even carry around alternatives to help if you get a craving. A low calorie or sugar free alternative is gum! Not only does it come in many flavours, but it can keep you preoccupied for hours. An apple is also handy to munch on to keep you busy - even better!

7. Drink lots of water.

This will just make you less hungry, and gives you plenty of energy that you may rely on your food addiction for.

8. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

The food you eat in the morning will most likely be burned off by the end of the day, so eat a nice breakfast so that you don't get as hungry later in the day.

9. Distract Yourself.

Go for a walk; play with your pet, etc. You'll forget about the craving.

Claire Edwards