Fitness Together group holiday to Madeira

Well 26 of us are back home after a wonderful break to Madeira, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, as was the company! We have had a superb time, lots of relaxing, laughing, lovely spa treatments, sightseeing, shopping, a fabulous boat trip (we saw dolphins and turtles, so sweet) even some island hopping!

Gale force winds on our arrival = an unexpected overnight stay on a neighbouring island, it was just part of our adventure! EasyJet took great care of us, booking us into a 5 star all inclusive hotel for the night! What a result!

It certainly has been a memorable holiday, a great time had by all!

Next year we shall be going somewhere new, to Cyprus April 4th-9th 2020. Please email me ASAP this week if you would like to join us as I shall be booking it.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend, looking forward to seeing you all back in classes next week, love & hugs Sedge xxx

Claire Edwards