Starting your weight loss journey

As part of your weight loss management package, I have put together a special web page just for you with more information, tools and tips to help you over the coming weeks. You can view all the free downloads and links on my weight loss resources page. If you are starting your weight loss journey with Fitness Together for the first time, then just work through the steps below to find the best plan for you!

Fitness Together Food Record

Fitness Together Food Record

Step 1 - Diet and Activity Sheet

Before you begin your journey it is really helpful for both of us to have a clear idea of where you are starting from. If you understand how much you are eating and how much exercise you are doing in a normal week, we can see where we can make those important changes that will begin your weight loss journey. So download the diet and activity sheet below and fill it in for the week. Be COMPLETELY honest about everything you do, eat and drink. It is totally confidential and is just to help you see how to improve your health.

Once you have completed your sheet, bring it with you to class and we can chat about it during the weight management session

Step 2 - Calculate your BMI

There is no such thing as a single 'perfect weight'. That's because every body is different - different sex, heights, weights, builds etc. It is important to understand what is a healthy weight FOR YOU. One way of doing that is understanding your Body Mass Index and what a healthy BMI result is for you. To calculate your BMI use the NHS Healthy Weight Calculator

BMI (Body Mass Index) Guide:

Underweight: BMI is less than 18.5 Normal weight: BMI is 18.5 to 24.9 Overweight: BMI is 25 to 29.9 Obese: BMI is 30 or more

Once you have your current BMI, you can work out what weight would be a healthy level for you. Bring  your results to class and we can discuss them in our weight management session.

Step 3 - Setting your goals

Now that you understand what would be healthy weight range for your body, you can set your weight loss goal. Having something to aim for is really important and getting closer and closer to you goal is very motivating. Once you have an idea of what your ideal weight would be (we can discuss this in class too), you should also set yourself some smaller goals to help you along the way. If you need to lose 2 stone, you might want your first goal to be 1/2  stone. Smaller goals feel more achievable.

Step 4 - Choosing a journey

At it's very simplest, loosing weight is about consuming less calories than we use up in physical activity. However, there are hundreds of ways of achieving that goal and it is essential you choose a way that suits you - your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle, your time commitments, etc. I don't believe in faddy diets - it should be about achieving a sensible balance that fits in with you.

There are lots of eating plans. You could try Fitness Together's own diet plans, which come with lots of resources, meal plans and recipes, to help you. These plans include:

  1. The 7 Day Healthy Detox Plan - for more information and resources, click here

  2. The Kick Start Your Diet Plan - for more information and resources, click here

  3. The Calorie Controlled Eating Plan- for more information and resources, click here

Or you could do one of these other diets. You will find more details about each one by clicking the links below.

  1. Herbalife - for more information and resources, click here

  2. 5:2 - for more information and resources, click here

  3. Low GI Diets - for more information and resources, click here

  4. NHS 12 Week Healthy Eating Plan - for more information and resources, click here

Step 5 - Coming to class

Coming regularly to class will help you keep on track, feel motivated and give you the opportunity to learn more great tips. Also having a weekly weigh-in helps you to celebrate the small successes you achieve (all those small successes add up to one big success in the end!) and to notice when you are going off track so you can take action straight away and not undo the hard work you have already put in. You will also get to meet lots of other people who are on their own weight loss journeys, just like you. Everyone is really supportive and knows exactly what you are going through.

I am always there to keep you positive, to help and guide you and to support you on your journey - so use me! Come and see me each session to talk about how you are doing, come to the weigh-in, even if you can't make the exercise class, and email me or call me if you have any questions or just need a boost! We are doing this together - and together we can do it!

Step 6 - Keep Going!

Even once you have reached your weight loss goal it is really important you maintain your health habits to ensure it doesn't creep back on! That means keeping up with the exercise and continuing with the healthy eating. Why not start a different exercise class to keep you motivated and interested. I run a very wide range of classes and it's fun to try something new, so check out my class timetable and come along to something you've not tried before. And dip into our recipe library for lots of healthy food inspiration to help you stick to your new habits, just click the button below!