10 Healthy Habits to Start NOW


1 - SHOP ON A FULL STOMACHIf you go to the supermarket whilst you are feeling a bit peckish, the chances that you will reach for something unhealthy are greatly increased, A recent study has shown people who shop whilst hungry on average brought more higher calorie items than those who weren’t, Simple shop after a meal, or if you are in a hurry grab a healthy snack before you go.

2 – COOK IN BULK Sometimes it is necessary to reach for convenience food, but don’t let it be an excuse to be unhealthy, instead of the shop bought food or ready meal, when you have time to cook, double up on a favourite recipe and freeze half, that way you have quick healthily meal ready to go.

3- EAT MORE CHILLI For good health boost try adding chilli peppers to your diet. These spicy little veggies are full of capsaicin a substance believed to help fight cancer, reduce inflammation and relieve pain, they also improve intestinal health increase fat burning. The hotter the pepper the greater the benefits, if you are not a fan, build up gradually tolerance increases over time soup it a little bit at a time to reap the benefits.

4- TRY SOMETHING NEW. The key to and sticking to an exercise program is keeping it fun and interesting, and whilst we change our classes around every once in a while, how about trying something new? Maybe Hiit or Pilates, Clubbercise, ask in class we can give you a n idea of what else we do that you may not realise is available to you.

5 –USE HEALTHIER OILS You may think you reach for healthier oils every time you cook but have you considered the heating process. When heated fats change, they oxidise, this in turn can produce harmful chemicals which have been linked to cancer, so don’t cook with sunflower oil or rapeseed oil, reach for the coconut oil, or at a push olive oil, which produces slightly less of these Free Radicals

6 – CARE FOR YOUR HEART. Keep your heart in tip top health by piling up the fruit and vegetables on your plate, and getting regular exercise. When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked? The British heart foundation has some staggering statistics, they say that with regular checkups over 45,000 strokes, heart attacks and heart failures could be prevent over the next 10 years, DONT BE ONE OF THE STASTICS

7 – GO WHOLE As we discussed last week over 80% of people do not eat enough of the good stuff, so top those essential vitamins and minerals by going whole remember wholegrains have 75% more nutrients than refined cereals.

8 – PRUNE THAT SUGAR Cut out the refined white sugar, read those packets and labels and look for the hidden white stuff. Whilst baking add naturally sweet substitutes such as prunes or carrots, using fruit in our baking will not only reduce the amount of refined sugar you eat and help you watch your waistline, it will up the amount of fibre in your diet too another bonus!

9 – SLEEP FOR HEALTH Lack of sleep can leave you feeling irritable and lacking in concentration, and but according to the NHS about 1/3rd of us aren’t getting enough. Another study has shown that lackof sleep increases the chance of emotional and binge eating. Getting the full eight hours helps maintain our weight regulating fat burning systems. Perfect that bedtime routine, set regular sleeping patterns, and keep your bedroom for sleeping (well mainly!!)

10- GET FITTER IN FIVE. Spending too much time sitting is bad for you. It can lead to higher rates of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The British heart foundation, report that the average adult between the ages of 18-64 are sedentary for around 9.5 hours a day rising  to 10 hours or more for people over the age of 65. Get up and walk around for 5 mins every half hour, If you are work go get a drink of water or walk to someone else’s  desk instead of emailing them.

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