Hello, welcome to Fitness Together! I am Sedge….


I’m the founder of Fitness Together. Since a very young age, I have enjoyed sports and exercising. I started gymnastics at the age of 3 and used to spend a lot of time training every week. At the age of 13, I started dance lessons and decided this was ME! I then continued to do all styles of dance and at 17, I went away to dance school.

I decided to qualify as a dance teacher as well as train to dance professionally after college. I danced professionally from 19-23 years old with different dance troupes around the world. At 23 I unfortunately had a back problem so decided to go for a different career, however still physical. I studied to become a fitness leader, personal trainer and also an aerobics teacher.

I have been teaching fitness now since 1995 and I love it. I feel I have really found my niche in life. I am proud to say that I have helped thousands of people lose weight and get fit. My classes have always been inclusive and cater for people of all shapes, sizes and ages. The exciting thing about the fitness industry is that there are so many different ways to exercise. I absolutely love the variety of my work. I love to work individually but also love the buzz of a large group. I love the concentration and focus of a pilates class but then love the energy and total uplift that a Zumba class can give you.  We can offer many options which is great, as it keeps me interested and challenges me mentally and physically. It also gives all my members a selection to choose from. Hopefully there is something for everyone.

I have been supporting my clients to achieve their weight loss goals and to change the way they eat for over 20 years now. I am also mum to my three fabulous boys so I certainly understand how hard it is for busy mums to make time to attend to their own health and fitness, which is what makes our classes so great as we can offer a one stop shop for both fitness and weight management. We at Fitness Together would love to welcome you to our classes.

Sedge xxx