10 things you should know about losing weight



Some people always struggle with their weight; they grow up steering clear of anything sweet They are off-limits, even on Christmas. But the reality is you can enjoy a bite of anything and it does not change your weight, neither does two or three bites. The key is enjoying your favourite higher calorie foods in moderation. All foods fit in a healthy eating pattern; some foods just need to fit in smaller amounts.


We were told for so many years not to eat fat, think of all the deliciousness you missed like avocados, nuts and seeds, as well as all the fat-free cheeses you have eaten thinking they were better for me. Fat-free frozen yogurt with an apple is not a balanced lunch.

THERES NO ONE RIGHT WAY TO BE HEALTHY Almost any diet or way of eating can work for any one person, Individual preferences and whats sustainable for each person matters. If the plan someone is on feels like it is a good fit for them, then great. They just all need to be healthy and balanced getting the full nutrition their body needs.


Body Mass Index used to be key in determining whether someone was at a healthy weight, but not anymore. BMI tells us very little about a person beyond their size, and there are so many other biological markers that better measure someones health we too often ignore by focusing on weight,


Set realistic goals that can last a lifetime, no matter how small they seem. Whether it is to eat half a pizza, with a side salad in lieu of a full pizza or to mix honey into your plain yogurt instead of buying pre-sweetened yogurt, remember that the small changes add up, and expecting change in a week is unrealistic.

IF IT SOUNDS EXTREME, IT PROBABLY IS So you have heard about a diet, supplement or food sounds too good to be true, or completely freaks you out, you're likely missing some facts, There's a reason fad diets and Superfood go in and out of style. Nutrition as a science is ever-evolving, and agricultural methods are seldom black and white.


Some people believe that people, who eat well and exercised 5+ times a week, would have few problems losing weight and maintaining weight loss, however almost everyone who has any success at keeping pounds off has strategies that they live by to avoid weight gain. In other words, they have to put in continuous effort. This often means that they follow their own rules to stay on track, they rarely go off the rails, and when they do, they quickly counteract their slip-up.

STRIVE FOR PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION It is important to nourish our bodies with healthy foods, Food is fuel and we want to give ourselves the best. However, its just as important to enjoy life and celebrate our small successes. When we aim for perfection instead of progress, we are setting ourselves up for failure. The most successful people are the ones who implement small, incremental changes which ultimately leads them to their long-term goal.

 HEALTHY EATING MEANS MORE THAN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES I used to think that the healthiest days of eating were those where I would consume primarily fresh produce, there is nothing wrong with fresh fruits and vegetables, But there is so much more to a healthy diet than fruit and vegetables! Our bodies perform best with a balance of fruits, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats, and this balance can look different for every person and every culture. There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all healthy diet, and it definitely doesn't have to be a giant salad at every meal if that isn't satisfying or part of your heritage.

ONE PLAN DOESN'T FIT ALL When it comes to weight loss, studies show calories are king no matter how much the term pains.It is the only way we have to effectively count the energy we put into our bodies. You don't have to be on a low-carb, low-fat or high-protein diet for it to be effective. Moderately reducing your calories with filling foods and following a plan that feels sustainable for you will be most effective.

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