10 tips to eating healthily on holiday


sea-216964_640The summer is finally here and many of us are jetting off for our annual get away! For lots of my lovely ladies, the weeks and months in the run up to our summer holidays have been filled with extra exercise and lots of healthy eating to get us in shape for those strappy summer clothes and swimming costumes. So don't undo all that hard work by piling on the pounds when you are on holiday! Lack of exercise and lots of indulgent over-eating can led many of us to put on up to half a stone on our hols! But with a little awareness and some right choices our time in the sun doesn't have to end like that. Here are my 10 tips to eating healthily on holiday without spoiling your waist line.

  1. A bit of forward planning can really help you manage your daily calories! So think about where you will be eating during the course of your holidays. If you’re going to try the ‘all-you-can-eat’ Mediterranean buffet for dinner, only have a light lunch. Of if you know you are going to splurge at a nice restaurant tomorrow, try and keep your meals healthy and light the day before.
  2. Just as you would at home, try and keep fried and sugary foods to a minimum, filling up on fresh fruit and vegetables. And when it comes to deserts, chose things like fresh fruit salad, sorbets, yoghurt or meringues.
  3. Don't be tempted by the bread that often comes at the start of a meal. It's easy to keep eating this without even noticing. And if you are really hungry and can't resist, restrict yourself to one slice and don't put butter or oil on it.
  4. If you need a nibble with your drinks, go for olives rather than nuts or crisps. Olives only have 3 calories each, compared to peanuts which have 150 calories per small handful. And don't forget to dab off excess oil from the olives with a serviette first.
  5. Just as your would at home, think about how the dish has been cooked before you order. Don't choose dishes in rich, creamy sauces or that have been cooked in lots of oil. seafood-164664_640
  6. If you have gone for a beach holiday you should be able to enjoy some beautiful fresh fish, so make the most of it. Not only is fish low in calories, it's really good for you too. Be adventurous and try seafood you might not have had before such as crab, lobster, monkfish, mussels, oysters, King prawns, langoustines, sardines, swordfish and red mullet.
  7. If dishes such as lasagne, moussaka and risotto have excess oil laying on the top or around them, remember you can always just soak it up with a serviette rather than eating it!
  8. In the lovely warm weather you can easily be tempted by a fresh salad, which is great for your 5 a day. But just be careful of the dressing - it can turn a lean light lunch into a hidden calorie fest! You can always ask for the dressing to be served in a little jug so you can control how much you add, or you could even just dip your fork in every now and again to get the flavour without the fat!
  9. When on holiday we often eat out far more than we do at home and we can be tempted to 'treat' ourselves to the full 3 courses! Instead why not go for 2 and alternate on different days whether you have a starter or a desert. And if you have gone for an all-inclusive holiday, don't be tempted to try and eat your monies worth!
  10. Buffets are always very popular on holiday and they can be a diet nightmare as your easily lose track of just how much you have eaten. Also you can be tempted to try a little of everything which adds up to a lot! Combat this by only allowing yourself to go up once and choose options that include grilled fish or chicken, vegetables, fruit or salad.

So, if you are about to jet off somewhere lovely, have a great time, keep aware of what you are eating and enjoy!