Have a healthy holiday

It’s easy to lose track, over eat and drink too much alcohol and not enough fluid during your holiday,

What we do eat tend to be low in nutrients and high in fat, salt and sugar, But does it have to be this way

Tips to keep you on track whilst enjoying your break.

Start the day Right

Have a good hearty breakfast.

Having a good breakfast on holiday can help you to get your day off to a great start – satiety and energy wise, Take full advantage of that breakfast buffet.

But make the right choices – fresh fruits, melon berries, natural yoghurt and eggs on whole grain toast would help to provide fluids and healthy protein to start your day, filling you up too.

Stay Hydrated.

It is vital to stay hydrated on holiday. Drinking plenty of fluid will also help prevent you from over eating. Make sure you have plenty of water through the day and some with every meal (just check the tap water is safe to drink) If not go for hot drinks tea coffee or bottled water – pack your favourite tea bags. Tea will keep you hydrated as well as providing antioxidants that are essential to your well being and research has shown a cup of tea actually cools you down, so drink plenty during the day having a cuppa instead of a snack

Chose soup or salad to start your meal with both options will help you keep your fluid levels up

Sensible snacking

Have some healthy holiday snacks on hand – watermelon slices, berries orange wedges and peaches all have a high water content and are refreshing. Nuts and seeds will provide protein and fatty acids in between meals – and try and hold off on the ice cream!

Keep on track

So you have planned your holiday for months, stayed on track with your eating plan to get your beach body ready so how do you avoid undoing all your hard work during your longed for break

Watch for those high calories snacks and treat ice-cream pastries cakes and alcohol  plus people who don’t  drink alcohol will often drink sugar laden alcohol free drinks such as mocktails on holiday . We know there is a lot more to weight loss than just calorie counting it still is a question of in-put and out-put

Try and be a bit more active, enjoy where you are staying go for a morning walk and explore the area you are visiting. Jump in the pool and do a few good lengths before you bob about and relax, or join in those games of water sports. All of which will help burn this excess calories.

Eat Mindfully

Over eating is far too easy on holiday, but try and stick to plenty of fruit and vegetables, maybe consider taking a multi vitamin whilst away make up for any lack of nutrients whilst you are away to make up for eating on the run, too much alcohol or a case of a tummy upset whilst away.

Try new foods, holidays are a perfect time for this, just take care to wash peel and fruit you buy. Pack or buy healthy snacks, wholegrain crackers, seeds, popcorn nuts to avoid going to meals/buffets with an empty stomach that will cause you to pile your plate and over eat.

Start with salads or soups, and watch what you drink- alcohol can make you eat mindlessly,

Try wearing fitted clothes, structured jeans and waistbands provide a simple restriction – which reminds you to stop over eating. Get plenty of sleep on your holiday and really recharge those batteries but also it will encourage a clear mind and help with those food choices – But remember you are on holiday, do be afraid to treat yourself- but do you need an icecream every day?

Avoid overdrinking

You’re on holiday, have a tipple or two if you want too. However it can be all too easy to overdrink which will indirectly load you up with extra calories a guide is 1 175ml glass of wine is 160kcals, a glass of bubbles has about 90kcals and a shot of spirit around 60kcals

Add lots of low calories slimline mixers to a single shot to make a long refreshing drink that will really keep the calories down,





Claire Edwards