Dee lost 2 stones with Fitness Together


Dee started her weight loss journey in in January this year when she started a one to one personal fitness programme with Sedge. She felt unfit and needed some motivation to kick start her January exercise resolutions! “As well as my personal training sessions I listened to Sedge's advice, counted my calories and started running. I downloaded a couch to 5k app which I also did religiously.”

“Sedge was great. If I had any questions she was just on the other end of the phone. She'd also text mid-week to see how we were doing and was constantly encouraging and motivational. Sedge is very easy to talk to and get on with and seemed to genuinely care how I did. I didn't feel like a client - she made me feel more like a friend. That was really important to me at the time otherwise I might have given up!”

But Dee didn’t give up, she kept on working away, and she is now 2 stones lighter and a whole lot fitter!

“Before I started, I couldn't run more than a minute without stopping. I can now easily run 9/10 miles and I even achieved my goal or running 10k in less than 60 minutes. My new goal is to complete a half marathon in July and hopefully do the Reading Half Marathon in under 2 hours next year. Thanks to Sedge’s fitness routine and advice, my health has improved dramatically! I have new personal goals and really care about what food I put in my body! I have energy and I'm self-motivated to exercise because I enjoy it so much now. As well as the personal training, I also love attending Sedge’s HIIT class on a Tuesday at The Hill Primary School as a metabolism booster!”

So what advice would Dee give others who are inspired by her story to begin their own weight loss and fitness journey?

“At the beginning, don’t focus on how much further you still have to go, as that can be really demotivating. Instead, focus on celebrating your weekly smaller achievements And of course, don't give up - if you persevere you can achieve your goals! Oh and listen to Sedge!”

If you want to lose weight with a personal trainer in Reading, please give Sedge a ring on call on 07885 633387.

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