Eating Clean on the Healthy Eating Plan


eat clean With our Healthy Eating Plan we want to keep things simple. The main emphasis is to eat clean and re-think your eating habits. Aim to limit nutrient lacking and processed foods that are full of excess sugar, salt and fat, and switch to whole foods. Eating clean is about eating more of the best and healthiest options in each of the food groups and eating less of the not-so-healthy ones. Eat food as close to it's natural form as possible, ‘farm to food’, lean meats, eggs, fish, fresh veggies, fruit and nuts.

With such busy lives, it does help to get organised. Prepare your meals in advance, including snacks, or batch cook, that way you won’t get caught out when hunger strikes finding you reaching for the chocolate bar or take-away menu. Snacks satisfy hunger, so keep them healthy. Cut out the junk!

But don’t beat yourself up if you give in to your cravings once in a while, no-one is perfect. If you eat clean and healthy most of the time, then enjoy the odd indulgence (in moderation!), satisfy your cravings and get back on track again.

It’s also about portion control, too. For added simplicity, the plan also includes the Handy Hand Guide which gives you the recommended portion sizes for lots of food groups to avoid over eating.

Check out the Healthy Eating Plan on our website for more information and lots of delicious, healthy recipes. You CAN reach your goals without feeling hungry or deprived!

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