Inspiring fitness story


In my blog this week I wanted to share with you an amazing story I heard in the news this week. It was about a man called Steve Way. Seven years ago, Steve was overweight, a heavy smoker, with high blood pressure. An office worker with little inclination to exercise, he recently told the Guardian newspaper that things had got so bad that “I was coughing and waking up because of the smoking and it was impacting on my wife too. At that point half our meals were takeaways and I would eat chocolate and sweets all the time. I was 16 1/2 stone and realised I had to do something radically different to break the cycle.” As a result he stopped smoking and took up jogging and began eating healthily. He had done this before, but had always gone back to his bad habits after a few weeks. But this time he stuck to it. And now? At the age of 40 he has been chosen to represent England in the marathon in the Commonwealth Games! Incredible!!

It’s an amazing, inspirational story about just what you can achieve if you can only believe it is possible! Check out his story in The Guardian  or visit his webpage . And be sure to support him in his medal ambitions in a few weeks time – I know I will be there, cheering him on through the TV screen!

June  - Aug 2013 020If you are inspired by Steve's story and would like to increase your exercise levels or eat more healthily, why not come to one of my fitness classes in Reading. The NHS recommends adults should be doing 2 1/2 hours of moderate exercise each week but even if we can't manage that amount straight away, just one class is better than nothing! Whether you want to become a little fitter, or bit more active or lose an inch or two from your waistline, we can help you achieve your goals. Visit my timetable page to find a class that suits you!