Enjoy a healthy barbecue this summer


barbecue-72125_640There is nothing I love more than having a BBQ! Getting out in the sunshine, socialising with friends, cooking and eating in the fresh air – it’s one of my favourite things about summer. I also like it because I love the food and because it can be a really healthy and tasty way to cook, as long as you think about it. So this weekend, as many of us head off to the garden to fire up those coals, I wanted to share with you my 8 tips for creating a healthy barbecue feast!  

  1. Cut the fat in your meat. If a BBQ just isn’t a BBQ for you without burgers and sausages, just be aware of the fat content and try to reduce it through the choices you make. There are plenty of low-fat sausages on the market these days so there are lots to choose from and where possible go for a higher quality product as they are likely to have less fat. Also burgers are very easy to make and making your own with lean mince really reduces the fat content. There is a good burger recipe on the BBC Good Food website you could try.
  2. Chicken and fish work really well on a BBQ, particularly when rubbed with some yummy spice mix or marinated in balsamic vinegar. They are also very low in fat so a great alternative to the usual burgers or steak. Just make sure you cook the chicken without the skin on, which is high in fat.
  3. Don’t go mad on the sauces and side dishes. Again look for low calorie or low fat mayonnaises, sauces and relishes and perhaps give creamy dishes such as potato salad or coleslaw a miss.
  4. barbecue-87422_640Stock up on vegetables. Vegetables work great on a BBQ – vegetable kebabs or corn on the cob taste great. Check out these delicious recipes. Also side salads are lovely and fresh so make sure you include some in your menu.
  5. Finally be careful what you drink. It is easy when you are socialising and it is hot to consume a lot of soft drinks, and even a few alcoholic ones! Just be aware of the calories involved and try to go for low-sugar options. See my blog post about the hidden sugar in soft drinks for more information (link)

Happy BBQing!