Little Black Dress Challenge Week - 10


The Little Black Dress Challenge - Week 10 little black dress 4Little Black Dress followers - we are so close! This week, let’s really focus on helping each other give that final push. One of the great things about doing a challenge like this is that you are with others, who are going through exactly the same experience and problems as you are. You are NOT alone!

So let’s capitalise on that. Make a point of talking to your friends about how you are doing and get their support and help over these final weeks. If they know what you are trying to achieve, they won’t offer you that biscuit with your cup of tea, instead they will congratulate you on your successes. They are also more likely to notice the changes in you as you lose the weight, and their compliments will be a real motivational boost for you.

Come to my weight management sessions in Reading at the beginning or end of my classes (email me for details) as we share tips and ideas and stories which can help you.

Tell each other about how far you have come on my Facebook page – don’t worry if you haven’t lost as much as you were hoping for. There will be others out there in exactly the same position and hearing from them might be the encouragement you need. Also hearing about people who are doing well can help, as it gives us something to aspire to and know that it is possible.  I am going to be asking you all on Facebook about how you are doing this week and I really hope you feel able to share and support each other.

And remember, even if you don’t want to share publicly, I am always here for you and would love to support you Just ring or email me.

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