Little Black Dress Challenge - Week 13


little black dress 6It's the first day of December and it seems Christmas really does begin early, doesn't it? The festive celebrations often go on for 2 weeks, rather than 2 days, but even that isn’t all of it. How many of you are already finding you are meeting up with friends, going out for meals, going for drinks and finding that the calorie-fest has already kicked in? Not a great time to be trying to lose those last few pounds! So this week I thought I’d share a few tips to help us manage the Christmas excess. Not only will they help you to stick to the challenge and get those last few squares on your LBD download filled in, but they will also help you maintain your new weight over the coming weeks in the face of great and persistent temptation!

  1. Eat before. Before you go to a party, eat a healthy snack such as a serving of your favourite fruit, fat-free yoghurt or even you low fat meal.  When you arrive at the party, you won’t be craving nibbles.
  2. Take your own. If you’re going to a buffet at a friend’s house, take your own healthy dish to share such as a salad or a low-fat pudding. That way, you’ll know you have at least one healthy item on the table. Or if you are going to someone’s house for drinks, take some healthy nibbles such as breadsticks to keep you away from the crisps and peanuts.
  3. Pick up a small plate. At a buffet, use a desert plate instead or a dinner plate and don’t go back for seconds. Don’t fall into the trap of grazing, otherwise you could be nibbling or munching on tasty morsels and quickly forget just how much you’ve eaten. The easiest way to control the amount you eat is to fill your plate just once and then move away from the food for the rest of the evening.
  4. Restrict your alcohol to one or two servings. Alternate between wine and water or have a spirit with a large low calorie mixer.  Or just stick with calorie-free drinks such as water, unsweetened ice tea, hot tea or coffee.
  5. Say no. If people keep offering you more, just say no. It is absolutely fine to tell your host politely that “Everything was delicious but I couldn’t eat another morsel.” You can even tell them about your weight-loss journey and how well you have done so far. They will be impressed and understand.
  6. Talk don’t eat. Don’t stand around the food table when you are at a party – focus your energies on making conversation with others instead of focusing on foods.  Conversation is calorie-free!
  7. Choose your nibbles carefully. Avoid pastry items such as sausage rolls, quiche, vol-au-vents, spring rolls and flans. And steer clear of anything that’s been deep-fried, such as crispy wontons or battered prawns. Go for fruit or plain popcorn instead.
  8. Keep it dark. If you have to have chocolate make sure it’s dark chocolate which contains less fat and which is easier to eat in smaller quantities.
  9. Compensate. If you know you are going out for a delicious meal in the evening, or a drinks party, be really strict with your food choices during the day and keep your calorie intake low the following day to help balance out your indulgence.
  10. If you’re tempted by the cheeseboard, make sure you choose carefully. Brie, camembert and Edam contain fewer calories than Cheddar, Stilton and Red Leicester. But if it’s on offer, go for goat’s cheese – it’s the best one of all.

So follow my top 10 tips for avoiding putting on weight this Christmas season and keep on track for that stone as we enter the final week!