Little Black Dress Challenge Week 14

line of black dresses We have finally made it – 14 weeks later and for many of us a stone lighter. Well done all my lovely men and women who joined me for my Little Black Dress Challenge. You should all be so proud of yourselves. I am so looking forward to seeing many of your in class this week to do your final weigh in and congratulate you in person!

But I know from all your messages on Facebook and twitter that many of you took up the challenge in the privacy of your own home and I’d love to hear your stories too. Please do share them this week on my Facebook page so we can all celebrate together.

Also I know many of you took photos during the challenge. I would love to see your very own ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, so please feel brave and put them on my Facebook page. If you don’t want to share those photos, it would still be great if you could post up a picture of yourself in your ‘Little Black Dress’ – whatever special outfit you really wanted to wear at the end of the challenge. I can’t wait to see how glamourous you will all look!

And remember that, as well as having the amazing reward of being a stone lighter and fitting into that special outfit for Christmas, there is also the added bonus of entering my prize draw to win a WHOLE YEAR of Fitness Together exercise classes. So make sure you give me your coloured in Little Black Dress Downloads this week. You need to put your name, address and contact details on the back, along with your start and end weights. Bring them along to class where I will be collecting them in, or you can scan them and email them to me it that is easier. I will be doing the prize draw next week and will announce the winner on my Facebook page.

Now all there is left to say is go and enjoy your new, lighter figures and be sure to post up those pictures!

And check back on my blog next week when I will be giving you some tips on how to keep your trim new bodies over the weeks of Christmas feasting.