Little Black Dress Challenge - Week 4


little black dress 4We are into our fourth week of our Little Black Dress Challenge and we should all be reducing our calorie and fat in-take whilst increasing our exercise levels in order to lose that all important 1 lb a week. So now we know what to do to lose a stone by Christmas! But today I wanted to share a tip with you that will really help you to stick with it! After all, that’s the hard part! This week I want you to try keeping a food diary. It’s a great tool which has really helped so many people that I know to lose weight. Each day, write down EVERYTHING that you eat, absolutely everything that passes your lips. That way you will really understand what you are consuming. Research has shown that keeping a food diary is very effective in helping people keep to their weight-loss plan. Often we think we are sticking to all our good intentions and that we aren’t eating too much or too many wrong foods, but our memory can be selective! It’s not till we write them down that we see that one or two tiny slips are actually adding up and combining to sabotage our efforts.

Therefore this week, everyone on my Little Black Dress Challenge, please keep a food diary. Be totally honest with yourself and keep it accessible so you make sure you record EVERYTHING. Then each night, before you go to sleep, have a look through and see where you could have made improvements. Was there a snack you could have done without? Was there something which wasn’t low in fat for which you could have substituted something less calorific? Think about what you might do differently the next day. Tiny changes and improvements might be all that it takes to tip the scales in your favour, so use the diary to find them! It really helps you to get back on track each day!

And check back with me next week for another great tip to keep you going!