Little Black Dress Challenge - Week 6


little black dress 6It’s week 6 of my Little Black Dress challenge as we attempt to lose a stone by Christmas ready for the party season. This week, I want to help you keep going with your increased exercise levels and urge you to join with others as you exercise. Research has shown that people who exercise together are more likely to enjoy it and stick with it for longer, than those who go it alone. Obviously it comes down to personal preference and the type of exercise you enjoy, but if you are someone who struggles to keep motivated to exercise, working out with others could be the answer and here’s why: 1)      You are much more likely to have fun if you are with your friends. A laugh and a natty help to ensure you enjoy the exercise experience without stopping you from working hard, meaning you are more likely to carry on.

2)      If you exercise with friends, there is the added incentive that you don’t want to let them down, so even if you don’t really feel like going, you will go along for them, and will be so pleased you did once you are there.

3)      Even if you are not going with friends, if you exercise in a group there is a shared camaraderie and encouragement which can be very supportive and help you stick with your goals, particularly if you are able to share success stories and commiserate when you hit problems or set-backs.

4)      Life and work can sap your energy and leave you feeling tired and not inclined to exercise. However, if you go to a class, an instructor can motivate you and lift your spirits, giving you the energy to carry on with those good habits throughout the week.

5)      An instructor will also encourage you to push yourself harder than you might otherwise do and burn more calories, whilst also keeping safe. You therefore get much more out of your exercise time than if you did it alone, giving you better results, which, in themselves, are motivating.

So find some people to share the experience with, even if it’s just going together for a jog or a swim, or go along to a class where everyone is aiming for the same thing. You could even come to one of our classes – you are sure of a warm welcome!

Keep up the exercise this week – next week we will be half way through our journey!