Little Black Dress Challenge - Week 7


black dress on stand It’s a great day! We are half way towards our goal to lose a stone by Christmas! How are you doing? How many of those little squares are filled in on your downloadable dress? (If you haven’t yet downloaded your dress, you can print out my  Fitness Together Little Black Dress download or for men,  Fitness Together Little Black Dress TUX ). With only 7 weeks left we are on the home run now, so keep going!

Now is the time to take stock and take pride in how far you have come. We have been measuring on the scales each week and hoping to see it going down a pound every time. If you haven’t managed to lose half a stone yet, don’t panic but feel pleased with what you have managed to lose – even if it’s 2 lbs. That’s 2lbs less that when you started the challenge and there is still 7 more weeks to lose more.

But weight isn’t everything. Remember those measurements we took before beginning the challenge? Well, repeat them now. You might be surprised to find that the scales haven’t gone down as much as you would like despite how well you have managed your calorie in-take and exercise. That could be because as well as losing fat, you have been building muscle, which is denser and therefore negates the loss on the scales. But building muscle is good and will help you lose fat in the long run as it take mores calories to use more muscle! If you measure yourself, you may be surprised to find that your measurements show you have lost half a centimetre here and half a centimetre there, which, when added up, equates to a large overall loss! So take heart and keep going!

I’d love to hear how you are doing on your challenge, so do pop along to my Facebook page and share your half way loss results.