Love Your Leaves - Chicory


radicchio-318197_640There are quite a few different versions of chicory and even more different names! Looking a bit like a pail long lettuce, and called endive in America, chicory is a leafy plant with a slightly bitter taste. There is also the red version which is known as radicchio. You can find out more about the different varieties on Jamie Oliver's website. As with other salad leaves, it is a great source of Vitamin A which helps keep eyes healthy, and Vitamin C which helps fight infections, as well as Vitamin K. It also contains lots of folates and calcium and potassium. It also contains inulin which can help to balance blood sugars. It is also thought that chicory is good for the digestive system and for improving circulation. Some nutritionists also claim chicory can help in the treatment of acne and other skin conditions.

As well as using them in salad, they can also be used as an alternative to nachos or breadsticks with dips.