Never Give Up!

We really wanted to share with you this fantastic weight loss achievement from Lynn Wheeler, in her own words... "I have been coming to Sedge's classes for altogether about 17 years, firstly at Alfred Sutton school, then to Radstock on a Monday evening. Over the years I have lost a stone or two, kept it off for a while, stopped going to classes as regularly & put it all back on again (plus more!!).

Last August I weighed more than ever, wearing size 20 clothes and decided that I had to seriously do something about it. I was getting problems with my back and knees which were down to my weight. I was referred to a weight management class by my doctors, which I went to with my husband who also needed to slim down. I also started getting weighed again by Sedge, which is something I had been avoiding for about 12 months!! Sedge was really encouraging and motivating.

Lynn Before   Lynn After

I found that by healthier eating and logging what I am eating really helps. I have been using 'MyFitnessPal' app on my phone and it calculates how may calories I should be eating & I have become much more aware of what I eat and cut out the rubbish that I was eating before.

In the last year I have lost 4  stone and am down to a size 14. I feel much more healthy and active. and I am really enjoying coming to class every Monday again. I have found that I can put much more effort into the workout, even do big jumping jacks again!! I haven't been able to do them for years!!

I still have the odd treat occasionally but if I do I will allow for it by cutting down somewhere else or getting more exercise.

Sedge has been there for me for many years through my ups & down with weight loss and I have finally put everything into practice this last year & it's worked. I now have the motivation needed to keep it off, and Sedge is there to keep me on track too. Thanks Sedge"

Lynn, you're an inspiration, WELL DONE!

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