New Year, New You


shadow-401178_1280 Here we are again, the start of a fabulous New Year! So let’s shake off Christmas and act on that New Year resolution!

After the inevitable excess of Christmas and let’s face it who can resist all those yummy Christmas goodies? But hey, don’t despair, now is the time to do something about it! Here, at Fitness Together, we are introducing a New Healthy Eating Plan. The aim is to REDUCE SUGAR, EAT CLEAN and LIVE WELL. It is a new way of thinking about the food we eat. In the past the emphasis has been to cut out fats but research now shows that SUGAR is the real enemy. And reducing sugar is going to be difficult! Sugar has been added to so many products some of which you wouldn’t even be aware of, so it is really important to read those food labels and check the supermarket traffic light system which shows which nasties are high, in red, and the ones that are ok, in green. Sugar is known to be addictive, so you really do need to go cold turkey and drastically cut it out!

The Healthy Eating Plan begins with a Boost Start Week followed by a 21 day sugar cleansing, addiction breaking plan and finally a healthy eating plan FOR LIFE! Over the next few weeks we will be talking more about the Healthy Eating Plan but if you would like more information now, please refer to our weekly Newsletter which will give you all the information you need on the diet plans, recipes and much more….

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