Scales Stuck?


Scales stuck?Getting to a point where you stop losing weight can be extremely frustrating if you still have a bit to lose, but don’t give up. Weight loss can grind to a halt for a variety of reasons and the solution will vary depending on the cause.

Portion control You could try looking again at your portion sizes and what you’re actually eating – they often creep up without us noticing. So remember your hand guide and get those scales out.

Do you know what you are eating? Keep a food diary for a week or so to identify exactly what you’re eating – you might be surprised to find you’re eating more and snacking between meals without realising.

Little changes  Make small changes throughout the day, too, such as having a slightly smaller bowl of cereal for breakfast, switching to dairy products that are even lower in fat, and so on. All the little changes add up.

Exercise Sometimes mixing up your exercise regime can make all the difference, too. Your body quickly becomes accustomed to the same level of activity, so make sure you’re always trying to progress to the next level. Change the type of exercise you do to push yourself a little harder, or increase the intensity of your workout.


Other things to consider include how well you’re sleeping and your stress levels – they could be affecting your weight-loss efforts. Address things from a holistic point of view – it might not just be down to eating less, but looking after your overall wellbeing.

In the meantime, focus on the positives rather than what the scales say. It’s easy to forget how much progress you’ve made, so reflect on your achievements so far. Your clothes may be less snug, and you may have more energy or find you can run up the stairs without feeling out of breath. It’s also worth remembering that a plateau on the scales doesn’t necessarily mean a plateau in body-fat reduction, particularly if you’ve been exercising frequently. Look at your waist and hip measurements and see how your clothes fit for a more realistic view of how your body is changing.

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