Weight Loss Following a Bipolar Psychosis


Beverley after she gained her weight. I wanted to share with you all this week an amazing email I was sent from one of my ladies which really touched me.

Beverley has been coming to my classes since 2005. Unfortunately, a few years ago, she experienced a period of severe stress which led to her suffering a bipolar psychosis. As Beverley explains: “I returned to Sedge following a serious mental breakdown. My psychiatrist discharged me in June 2012. During my illness I put on 3 stone. It took me 6 months to wean myself off all medication. Once I had achieved my goal, it was then time to focus on getting back into shape.

Sedge has been a tremendous support and has encouraged me throughout my journey getting back into shape. She is both inspirational and incredibly loyal to all her ladies and has now become a dear friend. I am currently weighing 11stone 10lbs so still have weight to loose. I would like to get to 11stone but can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.” “I could never of achieved what I have to date without her support. She has been the angel strapped firmly under my wing, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I have proved that you can achieve your goals following a serious illness, it is all about state of mind. With the right support ladies you can achieve anything.”

Beverley today!

I was really moved by Beverley’s comments and I am so proud and inspired by her. She now comes to my dance aerobics and fitness pilates classes and she is an amazing lady. I have loved working with her and seeing her achieve her goals. Beverley is the perfect example of how we can all overcome difficult times, and as long as we have determination, perseverance and we support each other, we can all reach our goals. Thank you Beverley and thank you to all the wonderful men and women who come to class each week and inspire me with your incredible achievements!