Little Black Dress Challenge - Week 12


little black dress 5This week I want to talk about alcohol's impact on weight loss. We are starting to gear up for Christmas and many drinks parties and meals out are even starting this month. Let’s not let alcohol ruin all your hard work so far! We want to get to our goal in 3 weeks time! Did you know that each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories? A large glass of red wine is more than 200 calories whilst one pint of premium lager is 330 calories! But despite all those calories, it actually contains NO nutritional benefit. So alcohol contains lots of empty calories and drinking a couple of glasses of wine or a couple of beers can make our calorie consumption skyrocket, not good when we are trying to reduce our calorie intake by 500 each day!

The other problem with alcohol is that, because it’s a toxin your body can’t store it, so it has to burn it off straight away. But in doing that, it has to stop burning other things, such as calories from your food. These get stored on your body as fat instead – not great when we are trying to lose weight!

If that wasn't reason enough to avoid alcohol, it also makes you feel hungry as it lowers your blood sugar levels, making you crave food whilst at the same time reducing your will power to resist those snacks and treats.

So over the next few weeks, as we try to shed those last pounds for our challenge, try to keep your alcohol in take to a minimum so it doesn't ruin do all your hard work so far!