Little Black Dress Challenge - Week 11


little black dress 4With just 4 weeks to go, we are nearly there. 1 more month and you could have lost a stone by Christmas. Time for that final push. This week I want you to go back to the scales with that bag of tins which we weighed out in the beginning. We measured out a stones worth when we started the challenge. This week go back and measure out how much you have lost already. It doesn’t matter if you are at 4 lbs or 12 lbs. If you have lost it, measure it, feel it and be proud! You are not carrying that weight around on you anymore!

Now measure out what you have left to lose and this week really keep that in mind as you stick to your weight loss plan. Imagine how great it is going to be to take those tins out of the bag each week as you lose more and more.

If you need any more inspiration to keep you going, I urge you to go and read the weight loss stories of 3 of my lovely ladies from class which are on my website . Not only are their stories really positive, but you will find their before and after photos really inspiring. Just keep imagining what your before and after photos are going to look like. I can’t wait to see them in a months time!

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