10 tips to keep up healthy habits on holiday


Sandy tropical beach with blue sea and palm treesIt’s nearly time to pack that suitcase, dig out that sun hat and head off to the airport ready for a well-deserved holiday! And we all want to enjoy our holidays! To relax, enjoy the sun, sample the food or drink, and generally unwind. But if you have been working hard for the last few months to develop good eating habits and to achieve a certain weight or fitness level, you don’t want to undo all your hard work and find yourself back at square one as you return home. As ever, the answer is about achieving balance! Here are my top 10 tips to enjoy your holiday without piling on the pounds:


  1. Drink lots and lots of water! Have a bottle of water with you the whole time and always drink water before a meal. Not only is it really important to keep hydrated in hot climates, but it will stop you feeling famished before choosing what to eat, helping you to make more sensible decisions.
  2. If you really want to have an indulgence like a rich pudding or a big ice-cream, consider sharing with a friend to reduce your portion size.
  3. When choosing from a menu, look for grilled or poached food, rather than fried options – they can be even more delicious!
  4. If you intend to enjoy a buffet-style meal, start with healthy options first so you will be fuller and less tempted when you go back with the more indulgent treats.
  5. Swap ice-creams for sorbets – they are even more refreshing and contain far fewer calories and fat!
  6. Watch the calories in cocktails, especially cream based ones like Pina Colada.
  7. Try to eat a breakfast which is high in protein, such as poached eggs, to help you keep feeling fuller for longer.
  8. Do your sightseeing on foot – not only will you see more of the local area, you will burn extra calories too without even noticing.
  9. Try to take an evening stroll after your meal every night. It’s a great way to see a place as well as being really good exercise. Or head for a local nightspot for a few hours of dancing
  10. If you have access to a pool, try to do a few laps every day. It can give you a great feeling to start your day with a swim or to cool down in the evening before a meal.

I hope you find these easy, practical tips on healthy eating and exercise useful this summer. And of course you can always join me for extra fitnesses classes across Reading when you get back!

Happy holidays everyone!