Love Your Leaves - Pea Shoots


pea-pod-382297_640We are all accustomed to eating peas, but increasingly the leaves of the plant are also being included in dishes in restaurants and recipes. And it’s not surprising as not only are they really tasty and juicy (with a distinctive pea flavour) but they are also very good for us. Pea shoots are a great base for your summer salads.

According to the Pea Shoot website (yes, there really is one!) a whole 50g bag of peashoots contains only 9 calories, but also gives you more than half your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C (that’s 7 times more than the amount you get from blueberries). 100g also contain a significant amount of folic acid (8 more times than bean sprouts have!) and 4 times more vitamin A than tomatoes.

Next week we are looking at our last leaf in the series - chicory.