New Year Weight Loss Plan

nhs 12 week diet planAt Fitness Together we are kicking off the New Year with a new diet plan for all those who want to lose weight and feel healthier in 2015.Over the next 12 weeks we will be following the NHS Diet Plan which is a really sensible, steady weight loss programme that anyone can follow. Research has shown that it takes about 12 weeks to build new habits, so by the end of the plan, as well as having lost weight and got fitter and healthier, you will also have built great habits that will last and help you keep to your new lifestyle.

Each week there is advice and tools to help you stick with it along with recipes, meal plans and ideas that really work. We will be looking at the plan each week in my weight management classes and sharing some of the information on my blog page. You can find out how other people have found the diet plan on the NHS website.

The New Year weight loss plan encourages you to reduce the amount of calories you consume whilst increasing your activity levels. It recommends a maximum of 1400 calories a day for a women and 1900 calories for men. However, everyone is different and it may be that your current weight, bmi or eating habits means a slight adjustment to these maximums. I can work with you in class to find your optimum level, so please come and chat about it with me if you are in doubt.

The plan comes in a PDF format which you can look at on the NHS website here and download yourselves at home. Each week there is a printable activity and record sheet which you should put up (on your fridge or by your bed) so you can fill it in each day.

To save you the hassle of printing it all out, I have downloaded and printed some individual copies of the entire 12 week plan, including a whole set of activity record pages, so you have all the information and record sheets at your fingertips. If you would like one, they are available from me in class for the cost of £5, just to cover my colour printing costs.

So take a look at the NHS plan on-line today and start to think if it is something you would like to join me in doing. By the end of March you could be a stone lighter (if not more!) and whole lot healthier and fitter!